"Map of the United States" 1851 - Western Expansion


(Image: 23 x 25’’) MAP of the UNITED STATES” Hartford, Connecticut: Case, Tiffany & Co., 1851 (dated). Engraved map with original hand-coloring on thin banknote-style paper. Separately issued folding map in very good condition, narrow lower margin. 

This very scarce, separately issued, large folding map depicts the United States and its Territories in contrasting colors. Beneath the title is a vignette of President Washington and in the Gulf of Mexico a view of the “Capitol of Washington”. The map extends to show Central America to below Panama City and part of the West Indies to Haiti.

The map's unusual projection emphasizes the western portion of the U.S and the interesting territorial configurations of the pre-Civil War period during the period of Western expansion.

It depicts the Indian Territory in a rarely seen "tomahawk" shape. A large Oregon Territory occupies the entire Northwest & extends to the Continental Divide.  

Missouri Territory (described as ''a vast Wilderness...traversed by numerous herds of Buffaloes & wild Horses & by a few roving tribes of Indians'') includes part of present-day Montana, Wyoming and the Dakotas; 

Minnesota Territory  includes much of the present-day Dakotas; Utah Territory (which notes the ''Mormon Settlement") includes much of present-day Nevada, Utah and Colorado;

New Mexico Territory (prior to the 1853 Gadsden Treaty)  includes much of present day Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado.  Numerous Indian tribes are located and a few wagon roads identified.  

Shipped unmatted (folded).

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