"Dominia Anglorum..." British Colonies in NA c 1730-40 - Homann


“DOMINIA ANGLORUM in AMERICA SEPTENTRIONALI …” Nuremberg: Homann Heirs, c. 1730-40.  Engraved map with original hand-coloring. Reference: Cumming (SE) #233; McCorkle #740.1; Portinaro & Knirsch #123; Sellers & Van Ee #83; Kershaw #579. (Image: 19 ½ x 21 3/8’’) 

This sheet depicts four separate maps based on Hermann Moll’s cartography of 1729.  Each details the British possessions in North America with topographical details noted & cities, towns, forts, roads, mountains &waterways located. Text along the bottom provides description of the Iroquois region.

A. Newfoundland…  This map of the Atlantic provinces of Canada provides detail of the cod fishing banks, an important asset to French colonies. Mountains along the Gaspe are labeled Lady Mountains.

B. New England, New York… The postal road is shown from Portsmouth, to Philadelphia. New York is a narrow strip along the Hudson River, & New Jersey is divided into West & East. A large area along the St. Lawrence River is marked as Iroquois land. Piscataway labels the region of present-day Maine.

C. Virginia & Maryland. The map locates English and Indian Plantations and Houses as noted in the key. Useful notations are included such as "the swamp here not passable."

D. Carolina to Florida. Roads, forts, towns, & coastal shoals are detailed between the mouth of Chesapeake to the South Bounds of Carolina extending inland to west of  Apalaxy R. (Apalachicola) & north to battlefields of the Tuscarora War. The region of present-day Georgia is labeled Azilia for the aborted "Margravate of Azilia" of Sir Robert Montgomery. Seluda Desert, a remnant of the misconceptions perpetuated by John Lederer is also shown.  Several additions have also been made, including Ebenezer of the Salzb. at the mouth of the Savannah River, and Fort Col Angile (Argyle) near the mouth of the Howgeche (Ogeechee) River. 

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