A Book of Hours Leaf with beautiful borders - c 1470 - Psalms


Original leaf from a manuscript Book of Hours. 16 lines of text, ruled in red, written in Latin with dark brown ink in precise and elegant lettre batarde script on animal vellum. (95 x 70mm – 3 ¾ x 2 5/8’’) 

One two-line illuminated initial and nine one-line illuminated initials in burnished gold on blue and red ground, with delicate white tracery. The three-quarter panel borders on each side of the leaf contain an intricate floral motif in red, green, blue, and liquid and burnished gold.                                                                                  

France: Vicinity of Lyon, c. 1470.

The one-line illuminated “S” begins Psalm 129 (King James 130) 4-8: “Sustinuit…” (My soul hath relied on his word: my soul hath hoped in the Lord. From the morning watch even until night, let Israel hope in the Lord. Because with the Lord there is mercy: and with him plentiful redemption. And he shall redeem Israel from all his iniquities).

The two-line illuminated “C” begins Psalm 137 (KJ 138) 1-4: “Confitebor…” (I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart: for thou hast heard the words of my mouth. I will sing praise to thee in the sight of the angels: I will worship towards thy holy temple, and I will give glory to thy name. For thy mercy, and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy holy name above all…).

Sister leaf pictured and described in Ferrini Bulletin I, 1996, #27.

Presented in an archival 14 x 11'' mat


  • Inventory# IM-12598