c 1775 "...River of St Laurence" Revolutionary War Chart


“An Exact Chart of the RIVER  ST. LAURENCE...”  Thomas Jeffreys.  London: Robert Sayer, c. 1775.  Engraved chart with original outline color and later additional hand-coloring. (Goss: The Mapping of North America, Map #60 - illustrated).(Image: 23 ¼ x 37 ¼’’) 

This historically important chart was published during the Revolutionary War, and contains geographical and navigational data along and contiguous to the St. Lawrence River from Lake Ontario to its estuary.

Based in part on d’Anville's 1755 publication but significantly updated by revisions from James Cook's survey of 1760, this remarkably detailed map includes five insets, coastal profiles and copious notes.

The chart was of significant importance to the British who found it invaluable following the 1763 confirmation of British government in the new province of Québec and the unrest and impending American Revolutionary War.

Britain emerged in the 18th century as the world's dominant sea power & center for great advances in cartographic sciences. Captain James Cook’s later voyages of exploration marked him as one of the great sea explorers of all time, and Thomas Jeffreys, a recognized leader among London map makers, was Geographer to King George III.

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