c 1470-80 Missal Leaf - Miniatures of Trinity and Pentecost


Original leaf from a Medieval Missal. Two columns (32 lines each) of Latin text, written black & red in rotunda script on animal parchment. (355 x 248mm – 14 x 9 ¾’’) 

Nine illuminated two-line initials alternately in deep blue with fine red or violet pen scroll tracery, & red with fine blue pen scroll tracery all extending into the margins – with four birds at the end penwork. Highly decorative borders on the left consist of acanthus leaves, flowers and gold discs.  

Italy (probably Bologna), c. 1470-80.

One six-line miniature painting of The Trinity within the initial “B” (recto): God the Father is seated on throne supporting a cross holding the crucified God the Son while God the Holy Spirit in the form of a white dove rests upon the top of the cross. The illuminated initial,  which is in red, yellow, blue, green & white, & the painting rest on a burnished gold ground.

One five-line miniature painting of The Pentecost within the initial “S” (verso): Faces of three apostles & top of heads of others are seen at the bottom of the initial with the Holy Spirit, in form of a dove above.  Rays from the dove fall on the apostles below.  The illuminated initial, in red, green, gold and white, and the painting rest on a burnished gold ground.

Text at the Trinity begins:  “Benedicta…” (Blessed be the Holy Trinity & undivided Unity: we will give glory to Him, because He hath shown His mercy to us…).

Text at the Pentecost miniature begins: “Spiritus domine…” (The Spirit of our Lord hath replenished the whole world, Alleluia. And that which containeth all things, hath knowledge of the voice. Alleluia…).

Shipped unmatted

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