c 1635 Blaeu map of the World - Cartes a Figures


“NOVA TOTIUS TERRARUM ORBIS...” Amsterdam: Willem J. Blaeu, c. 1635. Very fine engraved map with original hand-coloring. Verso text: Latin.(Image: 16 x 21 ½’’) 

Important cornerstone map of the World! (Ref: Goss, Map Maker’s Art, #12.25-illus.; Shirley, #255, State 4 – illus.; Wagner, #243; Royal Geographical Society, Blaeu’s The Grand Atlas, pp24-25; Nebenzahl, The Compass, #22-1).

“Celebrated as one of the supreme examples of the mapmaker’s art…” (Shirley) and “illustrates the aesthetic appeal of Blaeu’s genius” (Goss). “The best known of all early maps, containing as it does virtually everything of aesthetic appeal to the collector…an engraving by which the skills, genius and technique of the publisher himself could be judged in the eyes of the prospective purchaser…” (Royal Geo. Soc.).

Across the top are allegorical representations of the sun and moon and five known planets; The side panels are, left, the four elements (Fire, Air, Water & Earth), and, right, the four seasons; Along the bottom are vignettes showing the seven wonders of the world. The map is profusely decorated with ships and sea monsters.  

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