Bronze Coin, Roman Colonial Issue, Julia Mamaea c. 222-235 AD


Bronze Coin – AE 24, Roman Colonial Issue, c. 222-235 AD

Julia Mamaea (mother of Emperor Severus Alexander)

Obv: Julia bust, right

Rev: Fecunditas standing left

Mint: Deultum (Thrace)

Sear – 3414 - 24mm, 7.4gm

Very fine, green patina

Julia's first husband was a former consul (whose name is unknown) who died. Julia married as her second husband Syrian Promagistrate Marcus Julius Gessius Marcianus. Julia bore two children during her marriage to Marcianus, a daughter Theoclia and a son, Marcus Aurelius Severus Alexander Augustus, later emperor Severus Alexander.

Julia was reported to be a virtuous woman, never involved in scandals. Julia was attentive to the education of her son, Alexander, whom she prepared adequately for becoming emperor of Rome. Alexander thought much of his mother's advice and followed what she told him to do.

  • Inventory# PA-3494