c 307-337 AD Roman Bronze Coin - Constantine the Great


Bronze Coin - AE Follis.

Ancient Rome, c. 307 - 337 AD.

Ruler: Constantine the Great.

Obv: Laureate bust of Constantine, right.

Rev:  Votive Issue with “VOT XXX” in wreath.  

Mint: Heraclea  - struck 326-327 AD (Sear-R16229)

Extremely fine, well centered Choice Coin! (19mm, 2.42gm)

As emperor, Constantine enacted many administrative, financial, social, and military reforms to strengthen the empire. The government was restructured and civil and military authority separated. A new gold coin, the solidus, was introduced to combat inflation. It would become the standard for Byzantine and European currencies for more than a thousand years.

The first Roman emperor to convert to Christianity, Constantine played an influential role in the proclamation of the Edict of Milan, which decreed religious tolerance throughout the empire. He called the First Council of Nicaea in 325, at which the Nicene Creed was professed by Christians. In military matters, the Roman army was reorganized to consist of mobile field units and garrison soldiers capable of countering internal threats and barbarian invasions.

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